1. How long have you been a trainer? Is this your fulltime gig?

PJ: We have had trainers working with the same client over 15 years. Yes, this is my full-time gig.

A.Your health is not a part time idea. You want someone with experience. Someone will know-how! Who can safely get you to your goals in a timely fashion with longevity in mind. Usually, the longer someone has been in the fitness industry, and the more people they have worked with, the better a coach they are. Ask about their certifications, check with current clients. Experienced Personal trainers can spot problems early and can adjust to your needs daily, weekly and seasonly. In my experience they can better explain the why’s properly. A newly certified personal trainer might be great, however when dealing with varied individuals including injuries/and adaptions, they still might lack the wisdom that a more experienced trainer has.

2. What’s Your Style?

PJ: My styles vary based on what the individual needs. We are education based, and you can count on learning something valuable and relevant every time we are together. You may even decide to meet seasonally from program tweaks, or if you are using an app for fitness, we are happy to check your form and make sure your safe while lifting.

A. Every trainer has a different way of teaching. Give some thought about which style will work best for you? Do you need someone who is going to scream at you like a boot camp? Or are you looking a more educational approach?

3. What if I have injuries or chronic pain?

PJ-works with a proven team of seasoned local professionals to keep you xtraining and healing through your injuries

A. It is important for trainers to understand their scope of practice and work with a team of professionals to keep you at your best. M.D.’s, Physiotherapists, Massage therapists, acupuncturists, naturopaths and chiropractors to name a few.

4. What’s Your Cancellation Policy?

PJ-If we are late the session is complementary and no contract, unless you prefer one.

A. Trainers usually work by the hour, so if they don’t have a client, they don’t get paid. This leads most of them to implement a 24-hour cancellation policy. Before you sign any contracts, make sure they explain this policy to you. You want to be sure you agree with their policy and make sure you can abide by it.

5. What’s included in your program?

PJ-Clients’ goals vary and what they require to ensure success is different. We are a 5 star, mobile, no membership, full-service provider of Fitness, Nutrition, Weigh and Measure, pics and check-ins if desired.

A. You want to know right off the bat what is included in the program. Is nutrition part of it? Will you be getting weighed and have measurements taken every week? How many sessions per week? How long is each session? You want to be on the same page as your trainer and find out what you’re getting for your money.

6. Do You Have a Nutrition Background?

PJ-the basics are the basics, they are not rocket science and we are qualified to put together complete nutritional programs for you because we work in a team.

A. Eighty percent of your results will come from your nutritional habits. I feel it’s extremely important for you to invest in a trainer that has a sound nutrition background. Your eating is everything, and you want to have a good coach that can explain to you how to eat to get to your goals.

7. Will I Need Any Supplements or Equipment Before We Start?

PJ-We will start with lifestyle basics, and your needs. So, we use appropriate professionals to recommend supplements.

A. Supplements are only one part of the equation, and highly individual. Since there is no magic pill, just good old logic and math. trainers should not overstep and recommend for example protein powder if they are not certified to do that. You really don’t want to hire someone who will recommend you spend a fortune on them. They should not make up the majority of your transformation protocol. In addition to supplements, does your trainer need you to purchase any type of equipment such as a training journal, heart rate monitor, or food scale?

8. What if I don't see results?

PJ- This is mathematically impossible if you follow the process, and the results are guaranteed

A. How would the trainer alter your training or diet to keep you on the right path? Ask this question so you can understand the trainer’s methodology. If you plateau, will they be altering your diet, increasing your cardio, or upping your overall volume?

9. Do you have any client testimonials, pictures, or videos?

PJ- not everybody has the same goals. Not everyone is a bodybuilder. But those who are willing, we are happy to post on our website. We have had clients with the same trainer for more than 15 years.

A. Does the trainer you are thinking about hiring have a good track record with getting people results? Do they have long-term clients? How long is the longest a client has been with them? Testimonials and Before and after pictures can show you how serious the trainer is and can give you a glimpse of what you might be able to achieve. The more testimonials, the better.